July 24, 2020



Youth for Christ Morden exists to assist in mobilizing our Christian community to reach lost youth and to do so by all possible means.


Pembina Counselling Centre is a fee for service non-profit counselling centre with professionally trained counsellors.


We exist to honour Christ by providing compassionate support for the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of anyone impacted by pregnancy.

How to participate in the Chip In 4 Charity Challenge

  • Accept the challenge! We encourage each participant to nominate at least 3 people to join them in this challenge to spread awareness. If you are nominated, you have 48 hours to post your video.  
  • Make a video! Take a video of you doing a golf trick. We’re looking for originality and creativity. Here’s an example.
  • Get on Social Media! Spread the word. Make sure to tag and challenge your friends. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ChipIn4Charity.

    Your post should include the following:
    • Your name and the name of the person who challenged you.
    • A statement of acceptance (“I accept the #ChipIn4Charity Challenge”)
    • The names of the people you are nominating
    • A link to our donation page: dcor.com/ChipIn4Charity
    • Make sure to tag “@” your friends!

🎁 The most popular trick gets a golf prize!


Anonymous User


$1,000.00 August 11, 2020
Anonymous User


$50.00 August 11, 2020
Anonymous User


$100.00 August 11, 2020

Bonnie Stoik

$50.00 August 10, 2020

Dave Schellenberg

$20.00 August 10, 2020

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  • Can I make a donation and skip the challenge?
    Yes, we appreciate your support.
  • Do I have to donate if I participate in the challenge?
    Donations are always welcome, however, to participate in the Chip In 4 Charity Challenge it is not necessary. Just by accepting the challenge, you are raising awareness. 
  • Do I have to be challenged in order to participate in the #ChipIn4Charity Challenge?
    No! If you have not yet been challenged, you can start the chain in your personal network by using #ChipIn4Charity to nominate your friends and family members.
  • Is Decor going to #ChipIn4Charity?
    Yes! Decor will be matching 50% of all donations. All these proceeds will go directly to the 3 local charities.
  • Is this donation tax deductible?
    Donations over $20 will be issued a tax deductible receipt from one of the charities.
  • Is my donation and personal information secure?
    Our online donation platform is safe and secure and protected with SSL security. When making an online donation, your credit card information is not stored and we will not share your personal information.


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